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Balloon Release Run is Open for Registration

The Madison Balloon Lake Run starts at Olin Park in Madison, Wisconsin, and goes around lake Monona during a cooler and colorful season. Strollers run in the back for safety, and water stations are every two miles. Everyone has a chance to win something for baby to older runners—Snacks and finisher medals at the end of the race. Join us and help us build awareness of drug overdoses in our community and other communities. Balloons are available for children to take off the guard rails after the race is finished but are not allowed in the Olin Park Pavilion per city rules. The route may have minor changes after certification.

Lake Monona Waterfront Design Challenge square_edited.jpg

The 4-mile race is for anyone starting out running or someone who likes the shorter runs. The run also encourages teens and younger kids to run with excellent prizes. It's a good bridge between the 3-mile run and the 5-mile run. The 4-mile run is mostly a scenic lake view. The route will be a certified route measured by professionals.

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