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Children's Voice Inc

A non profit organization to prevent child abuse

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Stop Child Abuse & Neglect in Wisconsin                            Like us on facebook

Join Children's Voice in Madison, Wisconsin, as we work to stop child abuse and educate parents, teachers, and caretakers on the signs of neglect. After seeing firsthand the life-long damages that child abuse and emotional neglect causes, Jill Nyland a registered nurse has made it her life's mission to stop child abuse once and for all. With that, Children's Voice  Inc. was born.  Children's Voice Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (3) c organization.

Prevention Starts with education

As a nonprofit organization, Children's Voice donates free informational materials and children's books to  schools and day care centers.  These informational cards donated to parents, educators, and caretakers have resources that  are needed  to help stop child abuse and neglect.

These highly-detailed information cards outline detection signs of physical and sexual abuse, as well as mental neglect. Furthermore, these informational cards provide  information on the proper action to take when reporting a child abuse case.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Do Your Part to Stop Child Abuse 
The month of April is recognized as Child Abuse Prevention Month; during this time, Children's Voice provides day cares and elementary schools with book donations. These books are designed to educate children on how to identify and avoid abuse, as well as the extreme importance of reporting abuse. Currently, Children's Voice is seeking donations to assist in the purchasing of these books. If you would like to donate to Children's Voice, please contact us at (608) 579-1182 or click on the donation tab.  Donations of every size are greatly appreciated; when it comes to the life of a child, every little bit helps.

School Social workers have approved the children's book "Let's Play Safe". They have found the book to be appropriate to be placed in the Madison Public school library. The children's book is multicultural and does not stereo type.